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Janka is the compelling account of Janka Festinger, from Sighet, Romania, who survived the Nazi Holocaust, fell in love and married an American soldier, and immigrated to the United States to live the American Dream. At 75, she finally shares her story…


Janka was recently presented to audiences at 2nd Space Theater in Fresno, CA to thank them for their tremendous support for the New York production, which was our dream that came true.

Many times people ask us: "Why doesn't Steven Spielberg make this into a movie?" "Shouldn't Kathleen Kennedy take on this project? Isn't she a twin?" The only thing I can say is: To anyone who may read this, if you have Spielberg's or Kennedy's ear, tell them about this little play with a big story. Janka Festinger's journey through two of history's most notorious death camps, AUSCHWITZ and DACHAU, to the shores of the United States, and the embrace of the American Dream. Adapted from her sixty-page handwritten letter, it describes in striking detail, the events of the Nazis' interment of Romanian Jews in 1944. This "grueling odyssey of self-realization that is testimony to her will to survive, poses the ultimate dilemma, whether or not to share painful personal memories to illuminate an incomprehensible and unbearable truth." Adam Rosenberg, a NY critic, called Janice Noga's performance "mesmerizing." Click here to read Adam Rothenberg's review.


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